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In recent years, a unique achievement of David Mihalyfy was in 2018 when he uncovered a major financial scandal involving Chicago’s Daley political dynasty.

Combing through paperwork, he identified signs of financial irregularities in a loan that the Daleys had gotten from a local bank in 2017 just prior to its failure, and he used his position as a long-shot aldermanic candidate to create press coverage of these irregularities.

Before this, the Daleys had deflected meaningful scrutiny, and their loan was not known to be out of the ordinary.

Subsequently, the Chicago Sun-Times unearthed more details and eventually reported in April 2019 that the Daleys’ loan lacked collateral.

The Daley loan scandal is now frequently mentioned in press coverage about the failed bank and related legal proceedings like the felony conviction of a Chicago alderman, most recently as of May 2024.